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Chef’sChoice FlexHone Strop 320 Knife Sharpener: BLACKboiekd

Chef'sChoice FlexHone Strop 320 Knife Sharpener: BLACK I have had the worst luck with knife sharpeners until now. We all have our own test for how well something can sharpen your knife and for me its tomatoes. I have about a dozen knives some thick, thin and some high end kind of pricey. Well let me tell you this sharpener will Really do the job. It is easy to use and you really need to read the instruction to use it properly. Please note I don’t like reading instructions but this time I did. I have never been able to cut tomatoes like this it’s fantastic. This is how sharp my knives are now I barely touched the blade of my knife and got slightly cut. So be carful. I am so impressed!
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