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Nostalgia Electrics CCM600 Vintage Collection Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Cart boiekd

Nostalgia Electrics CCM600 Vintage Collection Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Cart (Kitchen) Originally bought the tabletop Nostalgic for less than $50. Product should not be on the market — no cotton candy after trying for 45 minutes. Then, I saw this Nostalgic cotton candy machine cart and read the mostly positive reviews. I ordered it and am not disappointed. Yaayyy to a no-fat dessert whenever the mood strikes. This machine should not be considered "commercial" as it is definitely more of a family/home machine.Pros:–Cotton candy started spinning out almost immediately.–Good amount of cotton candy on cone–Easy to use and clean–Came with 2 packages of pink vanilla floss and 2 pkgs of blue raspberry floss; paper cones–All tools for assembly provided–Though it is a cart, doesn't really take up that much space, especially if you leave off the cone holder attachment–2 spare fuses provided–Great price in comparison to other cotton candy machines–Quiet machine when making cotton candy. Was pleasantly surprised!Cons–Terrible, awful, horrible directions for assembly. Incomplete information! The worst I have ever seen.– Not all bolts fit properly as some of the holes were too small (and, yes, I used the correct bolt) There were enough bolts that did fit O.K., so machine is stable, however, I wouldn't feel comfortable rolling it around here and there.–A couple of springs were included, which I have no idea where they should go! I also had some left over bolts and screws.–Some smoking when using it, though not enough to set off any smoke alarms.–A fair amount of sugar doesn't get spun and ends up wasted and scattered inside the bowl.
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