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Rice Cooker, Warmer and Steamer Color: Whiteboiekd

Rice Cooker, Warmer and Steamer Color: White January 20, 2012 (See below for January 8, 2013's One Year Update)We are finding that this is definitely a 5-Star purchase. We love the triple-layered stainless steel cooking pot (which both eliminates the health issues related to non-stick coatings and, at the same time, reduces sticking) and the stainless steel vegetable/meat steaming insert. We were a bit hesitant about ordering a 5-Cup rice maker for just one or two people, but as it turns out the measuring cup that comes with the product is smaller than standard and even when cooking for one person, two of these 6-ounce scant cups is hardly more than one person can use in a couple of days.Now for a few things that may not be shortcomings for many, but which might be helpful to know about in advance:1.) When you remove the cooking pot from the unit, the lid remains attached to the top of the cooker. Any standard 2-quart lid will cover the rice pot perfectly so for us this is a non-problem.2.) The cooking temperature and length of cooking time do result in rather over cooked (at least for us) vegetables. But can you believe it? It takes only about ten minutes (at most) to load the rice, vegetables, and meat and 30 minutes or so for the entire meal to cook (while we're off doing something else). Often we steam our vegetables separately on the stove top so the problem is easy to work around when you want your steamed vegetables with a bit of crispness to them. This, also, leaves more space in the rather smallish vegetable steamer insert.3.) We do not yet know how long lasting the silcone gaskets which seal the steamer lid and rice pot will be. These gaskets make it possible to keep the rice, vegetables,and meat warm and moist after cooking so for some they are an important part of the unit. It may be possible to cook and steam without needing to replace these gaskets. Time'll tell.One recipe we use and enjoy a lot is to mix a tablespoon or two of ready-to-use wakame seaweed in the rice (first soak the seaweed for about 5 minutes) and water before cooking and then place thin slices of raw chicken breast on top of that mixture. This leaves a lot more space in the steamer/meat insert.Our original choice was a close call between the Oyama 5-cup and the Miracle Exclusives Model ME81 8-cup which seems to be, at least, an equally good option though having a larger 8-cup capacity. It, also has a larger steamer insert which could be very useful and se
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